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Who is ART?

Artificial Response Technology, known as ART, is an artificial intelligence technology designed to transform your business into modernization and automation. It helps businesses increase workflow with speed and accuracy while improving processes like customer acquisition and engagement.

The technology of ART can be utilized by anyone in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, augmenting your business operations and driving results across your organization.


The cognitive performance system and high-end features of ART can expand and accelerate your business operations, thus delivering great results and profitability while lowering costs.

Art Phone

Large Volume Dialing

The robust AI technology of ART lets you handle large volume of inbound calls in just a fraction of time. Thousands of calls are seamless with ART – giving you the capability to communicate with more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Art Recognition

Intent-Based Recognition

Intent-based Recognition is the process of becoming pro-active of the intentions of a certain inquiry. It recognizes the elements and context of the verbal linguistic sentences and analyzes it to convey a detailed and accurate response.


Customer-Relation Management (CRM)

Get insights about your business and track your pipeline. It helps you stay connected with your prospects and automate your processes, improving your customer and business relationships.

Art Brain

Interactive AI-Based Call

ART handles calls by engaging interactivity for a better customer experience. It applies conversational language that sounds like a human voice and has a natural tonality, providing a realistic and engaging customer experience.

Art Pause to Listen

Pause-to-listen, Hold, Hang-up and Call Transfer

ART operates like a live customer service representative. It pauses when a customer speaks, not interrupting until it stops. Holds calls when necessary, so as hangs up when the call is done. It can also transfer calls if required to do so.

Art Learning

Intuitive Deep Learning

ART has the extensive capability to intuitively learn and adapt from its past interactions for maximum productivity in improving customer service – faster responses, more accurate answers and reduction in waiting times.

Art Branching

Branching Out Script

ART facilitates different call scenarios. This AI agent can execute conditional instruction sequence thus, deviate its behavior in order to achieve its goal. Incorporated with advanced decision logic, ART can have great control throughout the call.

Art Twenty-Four-Seven

24/7 Automated AI Agent

ART is a stand-alone platform that does not require human assistance. This saves time and resources from training new employees or paying overtimes and holiday works. ART is a ready-to-deploy AI call center agent that is fully trained and capable of working 24/7.

Art Voice

Custom AI Voice

Personalize ART by giving it a unique voice suited for your campaign. You can utilize its default voice, provide your own script recordings or hire a voice talent to control its voice's intonation and expression.

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